93 Jeep cherokee electrical problems - no start and more


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93 Jeep cherokee electrical problems - no start and more

1993 cherokee sport, 2wd, automatic transmission. The problem first started with the Jeep falling dead seconds after starting it... It would start just fine then seconds later go dead even with my foot on the gas pedal... I had a mechanic friend of mine come to my house. We tried replacing the fuel pump, the fuel filter, the ASD relay and the fuel pump relay and the spark plugs. This still did not fix the problem so he tested the new fuel pump and discovered that if he hotwired the fuel pump, that fixed the problem... He told me that I must have an electrical problem because the car will fall dead unless the fuel pump is hotwired... He left the fuel pump hotwired and I drove it for about a week like that... Yesterday, after I started it, it feel dead again, even with the fuel pump hotwired. Now the car wont start at all, it only cranks. Not only that, the door locks stopped working at the same moment this happened. I checked the fuse for the door locks and it was blown so i replaced it. Then power locks would lock the door, but it wouldnt unlock them. Also, the windows would roll down really slow and then stops about an inch of the way down. After a few minutes of trying to crank the car and playing with the locks and windows, the locks and windows stopped working completely so i checked the fuses again. The fuse for the door locks was not blown, but the fuse for the windows was MELTED... i dont know if this was a bad fuse or what but the plastic on the fuse was melted instead of being blown.. i pulled the fuse and replaced it but now the windows and the door locks and the radio does not work.

what could have caused all of this?
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ECT sensor

replace the ECT sensor out on the thermostat housing ; its got the fuel pump disabled.
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mine too

I am having very similar problems... my engine just doesn't want to keep going while im driving. it usually happens after 3-5 min driving and normalizes after 10 min when driving 45 mph+ and occurs after 5-10 min when driving 45mph- (maybe a coincidence, but noteworthy) the windows and locks haven't quit yet, but i have to try several times to get all doors unlocked and the front windows are very slow (i've had to use the passenger side switch to raise that window a few times). i just had a censor replaced and seemed to work great for a week and now the problems have returned and worse... any ideas?
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wudman you will need to rehook the fuel pump the right way.
if it is hot wired then it could be sending power back through the wires and burning out other circuits. (sounds like it already did)

the doors and windows may have been subjected to over power. check to see if all the grounds for the enire car are clean & tight.

any where a wire connects to metal make sure it is good.
where is the fuel pump located? in the tank, in-line or on the firewall?
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