Voyager A/C problems

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Smile Voyager A/C problems

I finally got the fan situation with my 98 voyager figured out, the fans worked fine, jumped them AGAIN with a different jumper wire, and they worked fine, strange but... both fans run perfectly. Which was a savings of $125.00+. Now on to the a/c, charged the system with one can of freon and got the compressor running, still failed the cool down test and not cool AT ALL inside. Then applied another can of 134a. NO CHANGE. Also after adding 1st can of freon to the system, the blinking lights (* and the recirc) went off. Turned the car off and then back on and the lights were blinking again.
Took it to local mechanic and he said the compressor was the problem, another shop down the road, mechanic told me it was the climate control head. If the compressor is running and cycles seems to me (but what do I know )that the compressor is fine, no smell or anything like that like burning rubber, so what is the deal? Still no cold air and blinking lights are still a blinkin. One shop gave me a price of 1k to fix compressor, dryer,expansion valve, and freon + his labor.

Heck the van only cost me 1250.00. LOL
It is worth getting the a/c fixed but not for $1000.00 my problem is ... WHO DO I TRUST>>> one shop tells you one thing and the other something else... SO HOW DO I KNOW COMPRESSOR IS SHOT< AND HOW DO I KNOW MY CLIMATE CONTROL HEAD IS SHOT>>>
how do I get this van cool cause I'm getting hotter.
Girl next door .... hot and sweaty from working on her van... Ever notice how noone tells you you have a grease smudge on your face? SURE COULD USE A MECHANICALLY INCLINDED GUY RIGHT NOW.

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If your compressor still cycles and you only used 2 cans of 134, chances are it's not full. The system holds 34oz for single air and 48oz with rear air.
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chances are that the control head is ok but will need to let it run through a self test to get the lights to quit blinking and the a/c needs to work for it to pass suggest you see a shop for the a/c repair if you dont know of a good one or dont trust the one you are using now ask other people and see who they recomend also ask tow companys they tow alot of vehicles and can probably tell you a good shop to take the vehicle to.
hopefully the fans are fixed and not just running all the time with a jumper wire if they are just rigged you may want a shop to look into that problem also.

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