1989 Thunderbird SC power problems.


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Unhappy 1989 Thunderbird SC power problems.

I have purchased a 1989 Thunderbird TurboCharged SuperCoupe from a private owner today. It is a 6 cyl manual with 150 thousand miles on it. I took it for a test drive for a few miles and all was fine other then I noticed a rumble in the nose cone of the turbocharger, I'm hoping that is just a bearing.
This is my first car and I spent every dime I had, but being my luck after purchasing the car and driving for a while it started to buck, this happens at high speed or low but clears for a while then returns.
When I let it sit at idle it will remain steady for a few minutes then revs, after revving for about 10 seconds, it sometimes stalls and other times it idles normal again (about 850 rpm's) but repeats after a minute or so. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I can't help you on your '89, since my birds are a 93 and a 96. Do a search for TCCOA. It's a T'bird and Cougar owners club with all the info you'll ever need. It helped me with problems on both my birds. I wish I could find another bird with a manual tranny. Both mine are autos. Your's is low milage compared to mine. One has 165K, the other 213K. Watch out for your head gaskets on that engine.

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Exclamation i ahve the same problem...

i have the same problem + it doesnt like to start let me know what you find out!!!

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