overheating on 1999 town and country


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overheating on 1999 town and country

my chrysler t&c is overheating around town with the air conditiong on. The engine needs service light is on. I believe it is a sensor, (Happened once before) how do you find and replace the sensor?

don thompson
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would check to make sure your cooling fans are working should run most of the time with the a/c on.
would need to have codes checked on the vehicle to see why the check engine light is on and go from there if you have a local autozone or other parts store may be able to scan the codes for you or you can see a shop for having the codes scanned.
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I doubt a bad sensor would cause the engine to overheat.......
It sounds like you're not getting enough airflow over the radiator and condenser. When it happens, does the A/C vent temperatures get warmer?

I'm not familiar with that car and don't know if the radiator cooling fan is belt driven or electric? If it's a belt driven fan; most likely the "Clutch Fan" is bad. If it's got more than 50,000 mile on it, you should replace it anyway.

If itís got an electric radiator fan, it's probably not going into its high speed when you switch on the A/C.
Good luck,
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yup definitly sounds the the high speed fan is not kicking in , you can check this yourself , turn the vehicle on , ac high mode , then check to see if the fans are on , if not then thats your problem , some newer chryslers do monitor the cooling system , so thats probably why the c.e.l. is on , there are a number of things that can cause fans not coming on , fuse , open ckt, and fan relay, which is very commen on these , but the best advise is to take it to a reputable shop and have them diag.
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