F250 92 Won't Start without jump


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Unhappy F250 92 Won't Start without jump

Have a F250 that will not start without a jump. Takes about 10 minutes when jumping to get enough of a charge to turn engine over. Problem started a couple of weeks ago. Bought a new battery and started right up the first time. But then subsequent attemps to start result in absolutely nothing . . . no noise . . . no clicking . . . just nothing when turning key. Have no clue what to check next. Help and direction . . . please!!!
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Tighten down the battery cable terminals to the battery even if they appear to be tight already. Be careful not to let the wrench touch the positive terminal and any other metal part of the car or battery at the same time.

If that doesn't solve it, you may have some corrosion between the terminals and battery posts that need to be cleaned.

Does anything electrical work such as headlights? If not follow the positive cable that should lead to a fuse that might be blown.

You might also have a bad alternator not charging the battery. Have it tested for free at autozone, advance auto, etc. See if you can jump start it again.
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sounds like either the alternater isnt doing its job or there is a draw on the battery that is draining while the vehicle sets.
would charge the battery up first then check the charging system.

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