2000 Montana coolant problem

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2000 Montana coolant problem

Hi all,

The water pump on my Montana starting leaking out the bottom weap hole so a new water pump and rad hoses were purchased and installed. Now the temp gauge runs a lot higher than before(about 1/2 scale which I believe to be about 200-210 degrees). Also the low coolant light still comes on even though the rad and resevior are full. I know this cause I checked it several times after letting the engine warm up and cool. I know there are to bleeder screws in this system but I can not find any info on how to properly bleed the system. Also the new water pump(from Autozone) had a different impellor design than the factory original. A pamphlet said it was an improved deign but it looked like there would be no way for it to more as much coolant as the original. It just looked like it was cheaper to manufacture thean the OEM part. The OEM was cast impellor with several curved fins while the new one was stamped steel with five thin blades.
Can anyone help me with the procedure on how to properly bleed the system and comment on the pump design?
Sorry for the long post.

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well lets hope that your aftermarket pump is good , thats why i only use o.e.m. , anyhow sounds like you have air trapped in the system , what you want to do is , with the engine cooled down , open the bleeder screws and pour kool-aid opps sorry coolant into the radiator until you see a nice stream of kool-aid opps there i go again coming out of the bleeder screws , these are installed to take all the air out of the system , also it is a good ides to replace the t-stat when servicing the cooling system , once all the air is out , run the car and turn on the car put the heater on full on , this will circulate the coolant thru the heater core , and hopefully youve gotten all the air out.

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