throttle seems to be sticking


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Question throttle seems to be sticking

one day i was cruising down the highway & was coming up on a traffic light & took my foot off the gas pedal to stop for the light. The car wanted to keep going. when the light changed green i took my foot off of the brake pedal & the car goes by itself. If i put the car in neutral it will rev up to around 1500 rpms or so. If I rev the engine it will take a long time for the rpms to drop. When they do drop they will only drop to around 12-1500 rpms. I took the car to a SO CALLED mechanic & he put a small computer on it to check it out. The computer didn't give him an answer. All it did was give him a reason to charge my 25 bucks to put it on my car. He said it was either the throttle position sensor or the egr valve. I changed the sensor & it is exactly the same. Now i have a 40 dollar part that i can use as a paper weight. I was also told that my choke may not be working. What can the problem be????????? any help would be very much appreciated. My car is a 93 Cougar XR7 3.8
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Post sticking

starbuck , check the trottle linkage , as this might be sticking , also check the throttle plate inside the throttle body for excessive buildup , a good cleaning would help , lube the linkage with a little wd40, and see if this helps, also id check the idle air control valve , remove it and clean look for excessive build up , hope this helps

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