2000 Silverado 4.3 V6 problem


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2000 Silverado 4.3 V6 problem

I've had trouble starting my truck for a few months. I used to drive it 80 miles a day to work and back. Bought a Civic to replace it as a work vehicle. My truck sat for a while and only got driven once a week or so. It acted like it wasn't getting fuel or something. Turns over fine, but wouldn't start. Finally it would start. It wouldn't do this always, just sometimes. I took it to a mechanic who couldn't duplicate the problem. Finally he was driving it from his house to work(left it with him) and the truck barely would make it to his shop. He hooked up a guage to check the fuel pressure when he got there. It's been 3 weeks and the truck hasn't acted up again. He says he's 85% sure it's the fuel pump. So, my question is do I go ahead and replace the fuel pump and hope this solves the problem. Did I mention I want to sell the truck?! Thanks for any ideas.
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Talking fuel pump

you know what cliff , fuel pumps generally go bad on gm trucks at about 70k -125 k, not a very good design , so yes it could be the fuel pump , unfortunetly the injectors on the 4.3 also are a piece of junk and tend to leak , as the fuel pressure regultor tends to leak , be patient , leave the truck with the mechanic have him leave his fuel pressure gauge hooked up and to check fuel pressure in the morning after letting it sit for a couple of days , lets hope the truck acts up ,

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