Bypass the A/C Compressor on a Camry?


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Bypass the A/C Compressor on a Camry?

97 Toyota Camry LE 2.2 81,000

Was warned by mechanic that A/C compressor was on its last legs. This morning it locked up as predicted. I removed the belt to get the car running again, but, in doing so, left the alternator without a means of doing its job.

Even though I live in South Carolina where A/C is one of the basic necessities of life (along with food, water, clothing and shelter) I'm willing to forego it temporarily.

Any tips on running a new belt between the camshaft and the alternator directly? What size belt (brand/model number would be super)? Should I just go to my local mechanic and have him try on belts?

Is this a standard work-around? Are there any pratfalls I might encounter (other than being really sweaty)?

Thanks as always,
(Learning bit-by-bit)
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Seems to me you should be able to use the belt for a 97 Camray 2.2 without A/C. Have a nice day. Geo
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Sometimes it's the simplest solutions...

That are the hardest to see.

Works like a charm. Thanks for the input!
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Bad idea AIR.CON need to be run once in a while otherwise the seals get hard and start to leak. The besides the compressor you will have additional problem.

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