2001 Dodge Neon -Oil Problems


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2001 Dodge Neon -Oil Problems

I have a 2001 Dodge Neon and noticed that sometimes when I'd start it that it would blow white smoke out of the tale pipe then after that it would not show any more signs of smoking when driven. I looked at the engine and upon insepecting the engine I noticed that their is oil on the spark plugs and wires on cylnders 3 and 4. I would like to know if the problem is a seal somewhere and how I would go about fixing it. Is it possible for me to fix? The car runs ok, is it safe to drive if I can't fix it and need to get it repaired? If I have someone do the job how much do expect it to cost? By the way I have a somewhat above average knowledge of cars: I have replaced brakes(front and rear), radiators, done tune-ups, and even replaced the valve cover gaskets on my brothers 1994 Dodge minivan.

Thanks in advance for helping me!!
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If you look closely you may notice the smoke has a very faint bluish tint to it if it is oil smoke. Smoke from coolant/water would be white and smell sweet. The most likely cause is probably worn valve guide seals. You describe the classic symptoms. What happens is that when the car sits a small amount of oil leaks past the seals, due to gravity, and collects in the cylinder(s). When you start up, this small amount of oil is burned off. Unless the car starts to use an inordinate amount of oil, it's really only a minor nuisance. You'll want to make sure it IS oil burning off and not coolant, which would be more serious.

The external oil leakage on the plugs/wires could be simply the valve cover gasket; it would not be related to the smoke out the tailpipe.

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