brakes again


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brakes again

My 1992 Plymouth Voyager's left front brake was sticking. I replaced the caliper, cleaned and lubed the surfaces where the caliper slides and bled that wheel only. That didn't fix the problem. I seem to remember as I returned home from the test run just as I slowed to pull into the driveway the peddle travel being excessive ;not a problem before I changed the caliper. I then replaced the brake hoses on both front wheels and bled them - right then left. I have solid pedal until I start engine then peddle goes to floor. I tried bleeding with engine running and with engine off,which is the right way or does it matter? I bled both sides several times but with the same results, peddle goes to floor slowly when I start it. Shoud I try bleeding all the wheels or bleed the front more? I don't see any more air coming out. I would appreciate your ideas.

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ok mr ap tech , first off brakes are bled with vehicle off, this is what i want you to do , first , start with the right rear , then left rear , then right front , then left front , also when you are bleeding some one is helping you correct , or are u using a hand pump ?? correct way is to have someone pump the pedal 3 times and hold down , then u crack the bleeder , and let the fluid bleed , THEY MUST NOT RAISE THE PEDAL UP UNTIL U HAVE CLOSED THE BLEEDER , THIS WILL REINTRODUCE AIR INTO THE SYSTEM ,now do this 2 times on each side and test drive , if pedal is still low then remove the rear wheels, and drums and check if the rear wheel cylinders are leaking , if they are then this will make u loose pressure , if they are good , then u have a bad master sir ,

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