Where's the thermostat?

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Question Where's the thermostat?

Hi all. Can anyone tell me where the thermostat is located on a "91 Chevy Cavalier RS?" The coolant light stays on and the radiator is full, however, the temp. dial goes into the red after a couple mins. Thanks for any and all help.
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Follow the upper radiator hose to the block and it should be setting right under the hose/block connection. Go to your local auto parts store(AutoZone,Advance,etc.) and get a Haynes/Chilton manual for your auto(about $12.00) it will give you step by step instructions and you can then fix anything else that goes wrong. Have a nice day. Geo
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Check by going to www.autozone.com and enter the appropriate info. I forgot your year and entered a '96 2.2 liter cavalier. It shows the thermostat in the lower, not upper, radiator hose.
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follow the upper rad hose to the engine block
drain the coolant so you don't make a mess
garb a 13mm or 10mm socket with a 3in extention
becareful when you try to loosen nuts/ bolts they maybe seized because aluminum and steel dont get along when mixed with water
if they are seized spray wd40/or any other oil and tap head of bolt with a round punch to break away the corrosion becareful not to hit the edge of the bolt smack it right in the middle
once you get that pay attention to which way the t-stat is positioned clean block and hosing if theres a gasket put in the new t-stat now on the housing and the block put rtv silicone the red stuff made by loctite and set gasket on top if there only is a gasket or just put silicone by itself so you dont get any leaks. now fill the rad with coolant 50/50 mix once its full start the car and watch the coolant level you have to get all the air out of the system may take 20min to 1/2 an hour let the fan cycle 2 or 3 times with the rad cap off if that dosent work change the tempurature sensor.

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