2001 Pontiac Bonneville Wheel Bearing Replacement


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2001 Pontiac Bonneville Wheel Bearing Replacement

My husband wants to replace the wheel bearings on my 2001 Bonneville. Can you give me step by step instructions? He is a good mechanic but has not done this repair.
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Hi Babs72,
Generally speaking the bearings are not replaceable as a seperate unit they are replaced as a hub assembly. The labor time is 1.2 hours for one or 2.2 hours for the pair.

1. Raise the vehicle (allow suspension to hang) and remove the tire.
2. Remove the large nut in center of hub that retains axleshaft.
3. Remove brake caliper assembly (leaving hydraulic brake line connected).
4. Remove brake rotor.
5. Remove the bolts (normally 3) that hold the hub assembly on.
6. Unplug the ABS sensor.
7. Press axle shaft towards engine (use a hammer and punch on the center of the axleshaft in the recessed area of the axle).
8. Remove hub and bearing assembly.

Hope this helps,

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