1990 Isuzu PickUp Won't Idle

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1990 Isuzu PickUp Won't Idle

1990 Isuzu Pickup, 2.3L Carburetor, 5-spd, air conditioning.

Over about two weeks time this car started to struggle maintaining an Idle. And now it just won't idle at all. Starts up quick and then just stalls after a few seconds. I can drive it heeling-and-toeing the accelerator and brake pads while maintaining enough RPM's to not stall. It seems to miss occasionally while accelerating so that may be related.

I replaced some of the cracked and loose vacuum hoses, put in new plugs, distributor cap, and rotor. Tested all the cylinders for compression and all four are equal at about 150. Replaced the O2 sensor. Temperature guage has read a little cool for a few years now - don't know if that's related. I am tempted to just run in the Idle Adjustment screw but I feel like something is actually wrong and that would just cover it up.

So what do I look for next?
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check for vacum leaks by spraying carb cleaner around the base gasket and along intake gasket,
check all your fuses and replace any that may be blown.
may need to see a shop for diagnossis it could be carb related problem while you could probably get it to idle by adjusting the base idle screw you would be covering up the actual problem my guess it is either running really lean or rich causing the idle problem.

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