99 Malibu CV joints


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99 Malibu CV joints

I have a 99 Malibu with 78000 miles. When turning the wheel any amount to the right, I hear a noise from the left front wheel. I think it may be a CV joint and I wanted to know if it is ok to replace one side. I want to get this done asap to avoid and breakdown. Thanks
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I would bring it to the shop to confirm the problem but if it is the cvjoint then one side is okay.

I have worked on A LOT of malibus and don't think I ever replaced a cvjoint though...just torn boots...

good luck...
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Car went to shop. They ruled out cv joints, said maybe a bearing, tranny problem. I will have to bring it back when their best troubleshooter will be there as they are not positive what it is. Any guess which tranny bearing it could be since it seems to happen when turning the wheel to the right and a guess on a ballpark cost??
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Two chronic problems with the front end of those cars.............The lower control arm bushings get sloppy and give a clunk in turns................and the steering coupler in the column binds and knocks, but that will be very audible as comng from INSIDE the vehicle........
Bearings have a tendency to hum while in motion.........noise level changing as the car is steered left and right
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Wheel bearing it is. I had THE guy troubleshoot the problem. I returned the next day for the driver side wheel bearing. After 4 hours and $500 later, I was told it is now sounding better. Then they went and repacked the rt wheel bearing, thereby disabling my abs system. I never drove the car between the replacment and repack, so I don't know what the first bearing did as far as fix the problem. I was less than happy when I left. I got a call from the store managerlater that day and he told me that my problem was handled badly. He offered to install the other bearing for parts only ($285) and he would eat the labor cost. I am inclined to accept his offer because I don't want the wife and kids in the car without abs. Am I getting a good offer or should they do more? Thanks
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Geez, are they gold-plated? Don't tell me, let me guess, this is a franchise-type place, right? So they'll be into you for $785 to replace front wheel bearings. I confess I've never done the job on that make/model, but that sounds WAY out of line. Can't wait to hear a pro's opinion.
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Wheel Bearing

To the best of my knowledge, you have a sealed unit..Meaning the hub and bearing assembly are changed as 1 unit. The bearing itself is not designed to be "repacked". The cost is higher due to this design and also the ABS sensor is part of the hub assembly. It shouldn't take many 1.5 hours max to change this out, on 1 side.
My gut feeling from what you say is, they changed out the wrong side, and are now trying to cover up..I'd tell them you brought it in for thier best guy to diagnose and FIX.. they haven't fixed it, your not satisfied, and want it down correctly..and aren't paying again.
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cv joint

The noise could be several things. You should be more descriptive. When changing joints you should always change both sides. Here is a list of noise makers while turning.

1.Constant Velocity joint or intermediate shafts
2.Ball joint
3.Tie rod or end
4.Stabilizer bar
5.Brake Caliper or hubcap
6.Strut or shock
7.Wheel bearing

CV's,Ball joint,Tie rods and stabilizers make a clunking sound when they are the problem.

Brake Calipers clunk when the piston is stuck and grind when they rub the wheel.

Wheel bearing can grind and squeel when damaged or installed improperly.

Strut-shock assemblies generally rattle and knock light to hard depending on the wear and suspension.

As a mechanic, if I made a mistake I would worry if I caused any damage. Both to your vehicle and my business's reputation. I would charge no labor for further repair and my work did cause any further damage to your vehicle I would'nt charge for the original labor, only parts. As for taking it back, you should. They will do a better job and double check thoroughly. A general rule the customer should live by is to ask the shop if they mind installing parts provided by the customer. Shop around and find your own parts . Most mechanics use the excuse that they only trust one supplier or will give you a line about warranty. The truth is we get a percentage of the price and free advertisement when using only one supplier.

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