cherry red manifolds


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Angry cherry red manifolds

1988 chevy 350 when the motor get hot the manafolds glow has anyone seen a problem like this and what would be the cause
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Way too much fuel. It continues to burn after entering the manifold and heats them up really well.

Either that or you are reving it at 10k+ rpm for exended periods of time.
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You might be running too lean, or your timing is too far advanced (or both). Headers will glow red, but cast iron manifolds should not. Do you have a temp gauge connected? If so, what kind of temps are you reading?
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Running too lean or timming is late! To much fuel actually is cooler than not enough fuel. Fuel enters and burns, if it all burns it will be very hot, more fuel will not all burn and will be cooler than if it burnt.
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Won't an air pump cause excess unburnt fuel to burn in the exhaust maninfold?
Isn't that what they were designed to do?
Too rich setting on an air pump model, eh?
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Timing is retarded- the mixture is still burning when the exhaust valve begins to open.
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Butterfly Valve

If it is old enough to have a temperature controlled butterfly valve on the exhaust manifold, they get rusty and do not open all the way. I have seen the exact same thing happen.
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