95 Corsica Climate Control Problem


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95 Corsica Climate Control Problem

The problem is, I have no climate control.

Actually, the hot/hold knob works, and the A/C works (after a fashion), and the blower motor works correctly.

But turning the knob for A/C, Defrost, Vent, Heater doesn't do anything. Functionally, it rests at the vent stage. With the weather cooling off, I need to get this fixed.

Any ideas on where to start?
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I'm posting an answer to my question, so that if someone does a search later on, it might help them.

I removed the cover over the center vent/radio/climate controls (it pops off, no screws), and then removed the three screws holding plate containing the three knobs for the climate control.

It was necessary to set the parking brake, turn the ignition on (without starting the car), press on the brake and pull the shifter back to allow the controls room to pivot around so I could see the back side.

The center knob (control for Off, A/C, Vent, Heater, Defrost) is both electrical and pneumatic. The electrical portion allows the blower to come on, and the A/C to kick in. The pneumatic portion actuates the various diaphragms, depending on the setting (floor, defrost, vent). Without vacuum, the diaphragms rest in the "vent" setting.

The plastic vacuum lines are detachable by simply pulling them off as a group, only two barbs sticking out the back of the switch secure them in place. I pulled them off, started the car, and then checked for vacuum by running my thumb over the open holes of the harness.

I had no vacuum.

Under the hood, after some looking, I found a gray plastic vacuum line over the steering column, (going from fender to fender) bundled in the electrical harness, and traced it along the driver's side fender, then it dives into the fender, goes along under the battery, and pops out below the battery. It terminates in a tee which plugs into some big canister looking thing in that area.

The battery had apparently exploded on the prior owner (or something) and there was corrosion on the hood and surrounding area from that event. That battery acid had eaten through the plastic vacuum line. I simply added some rubber vacuum line to the section I removed, and rerouted it under the air filter box. That fixed it.
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95 corsica clmate control

Thank you it should help, how is the switch held in place. My knob will spin I have it working on AC but need to change it. you said both elect and vac did your spin before you found that you had no vac.
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Don't think you'll get an answer from Rocky, he's been inactive since '07.
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