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Question Code Reader Question

I used code reader on my truck. F150 1986 5.0L EEC- IV. I did the KOEO test.

When I did the test I got a code 67. The continous memory said code 11 or all fine.

The book reads that code 67 is either a nuetral pressure switch or a compressor clutch circuit failure.

I have no idea what the nuetral pressure switch is about. And the Ac Compressor is working fine.

Can anybody enligten me as what this code means?
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Not really. I just looked at this site:

and it called the code "AXOD Neutral Pressure Switch closed". If Stumbling into this unlearned as I am, I wonder if that's a obscure way of saying Neutral Safety Switch closed? Does the thing turn over in any gear, or do you have to put it in Park or Neutral to crank it?

Just a wild guess.
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Sounds like a problem in the A/C to me. Is it working ok? Can you clear the code to see if it comes back, maybe it has been there a long time. Have a nice day. Geo
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Originally Posted by power453
Can anybody enligten me as what this code means?
You may have had the A/C on during the test (a no-no)
Or may need to depress the clutch during the test (though that should only be the 4.9 inline 6 engine)

Redo the test with the A/C off
If the code still appears, then try it with the clutch depressed

If you are still getting the code, then your ND(rive)S (sometimes called a NS(afety)S is kaput, your A/C input is too high, or your clutch switch failed (<again that last one should just be 4.9, but hey, in '86 this was all new stuff)
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are you having any problems with the truck if not wouldnt really worry about the code if you are having problems you might describe them here.
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neutral pressure switch?

Do the test in park if it is an automtic and with the ac off regardless. Do you turn the wheel from stop to stop and stomp on the brake a couple of times and finally hit the gas once when it tells you to?
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Actually The truck Runs fine. I am simply starting a new job next monday and wanted to make sure the truck had no problems. The only noticable problem I found from visual inspections was the valve cover gaskets were leaking. I took care of those. Over the weekend I did add some freon to the ac system. The low side was only putting out 30 psi. I brought it back up to 55 psi. So I agree that it might have been just low refregerant.

This was the key on engine off test so I did not run the ac or turn the wheel.

Thanks for all the Advice.

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