my truck died


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Question my truck died

i have a 86 ford f-250 it has been running fine,my son drove it to a friends house and shut it off when he gets in it to leave it won,t start. it will turn over fine until the battery runs down(battery is good)i know they are bad about ign. modules going so i replaced it the coil,cap and seems to be getting fuel ,at least past the second fuel filter but after crancking the engine over and pulling a plug out the plug is anybody tell where to go from here THANKS
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Injected or carb'ed? (I tried twice, and carburated didn't look right. )

Pull off a spark plug wire and hold it close to the block or other grounded metal. Crank the engine over. Does it have spark?

I have a 90 Ford F-250 (it's been dead for over a year, go figure), and recently got inspired to change the module I suspected went bad when it croaked. For mine, I needed a special tool to change the module (it's a gray longish thing with an electrical connector attached to it on the distributor.)

I'd be sure it wasn't getting spark before I'd go any further.

After giving it a break and letting it cool down, did you try to start it again?
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Question my truck died

it is injected i waited a day and came back to try it again and got the same result i replaced the module and it did not help
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You replaced the TFI module?
The tab on the distributer?

Did you also replace the PIP, or "stator" inside the Distributer?

Which engine, and is it SEFI injected or CFI (looks like a carb)?
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Check the fuel pressure with a fuel psi gauge...........................And as mentioned above check the spark............................................
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