I'm purchasing a '97 Ford Ranger


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Question I'm purchasing a '97 Ford Ranger

from an individual. 4.0 V6, automatic, 2WD, extended cab. Only 83,500 miles on it. I don't have the truck yet because of the bank being closed for the long weekend. Put a deposit down. Anyway, the guy told me about a problem it had with the wipers. He said sometimes when you run them, you can't get them to turn off unless you turn them to intermittent first, then back to off. I turned them on when I test drove it and sure enough, that happened. Is this just a switch problem? The check engine light has been on for 2 years also, he said. He hasn't noticed any problems other than the wipers. Any input is appreciated.
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If it has had the check engine light on for 2 years and now the wipers have a problem it is obvious the current owner didn't take care of the truck at all, you need to have it checked out by a reputable mechanic, hope you got a good deal because I think you are likely buying a money pit, good luck. Have a nice day. Geo
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I'm confident it's a good truck. Getting it from an older gentleman whose father bought it new when he was 80 years old. His father had to go to a nursing home a couple years ago and the son got it then. He has driven it about 5,000 miles the past two years and said those are the only two things he saw wrong with it. It's VERY clean and not a scratch or dent on it. Interior is nearly spotless........and it doesn't smell like cleaner. No rattles, runs great, no body work. I only paid $3000 for it. So yes I got a good deal.
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CEL on?

Depening on were you live and maybe it is in all 50 states by now you will not pass inspection with the light on. The wiper is more then likley the wiper switch but the CEL needs a look at.
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i had a 97 ford ranger at one time with sort of the same problem with the wipers. check the relay for the wipers and see if it is bad. i had to replace mine to fix the problem. hope that might help you. Matthew
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Michael, no problem with passing emissions inspection in Alabama, as we have no type of vehicle inspection.
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We have no vehicle inspections here in Oklahoma either, thiggy. I plan on getting the CEL checked out nonetheless. I will check the wiper relay also. Thanks everyone.

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