what's the problem?


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Question what's the problem?

I have a '94 s10 chevy truck,with manual trans. I am needing to know what would cause it to lose power after releasing or setting the emergency break. Example: Once I start the truck, I power down the windows, then release the emergency break, at this time I can no longer operate the power windows and the light gages blink off and back on. After turning the car off and allowing to sit for awhile, I can then turn the truck back on inorder to close the windows. I looked at the battery cables that appear to be corrosion free and intact. I am lost! Can someone please advise me?
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Typically what you're doing won't cause what you're describing.

However, if the fuse box for the truck is in close proximity to the emergency brake pedal you may be jarring a loose fuse or connection in the fuse panel when you either apply the emergency brake or quite possibly when you release it.

I would look first in the fuse panel for a possible problem.

Another possibility would be if you have a light indicator that lights when the brake is applied. It could be shorting out. Look under your dash for a switch mounted to the pedal and disconnect it to see if that makes any difference in your problem.

Hope this helps,


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