whistling sound?


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whistling sound?

I have a 2002 chevy venture with a 3.4 ltr. engine. I noticed on a cold start ( usually when vehicle sits overnight for 10-12 hours) when you start it up there is a very high pitched whistling sound that is coming from the engine. Does this for 2-3 minutes then goes away until the next morning. It is not real loud but it is there. I tried revving the engine during it but it doesn't change pitch or get any louder. Any thoughts as to what it could be. Thanks
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Might be a belt(s). In cool/cold weather engines initially, when starting, run at a higher RPM on startup. Ckeck your engine belts for wear and tightness.
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here are my thoughts

GM alternators make that sound as they are charging the battery once battery is charged from the start draw down it goes away.
All my GM cars and trucks have done that not a problem.

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