More ford problems


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More ford problems

Ok as you already knowIve changed my radaitor,thermostat and 2 gallons of coolant and its still over heating someone here told me about the head gasket so my question is how to change it myself?
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Before you replace the head gasket you need to verify that is the problem. When water/coolant goes past the head gasket into the cylinder it will create a white cloud of smoke out the exhaust.

Is the electric fan working correctly? How does the car run otherwise? Sometimes bad timing can make one run hot. is the water pump working properly?
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When I start it it makes a ticking sound and now its seems to get hotter much quicker now also
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besides white smoke from the exhuast system you could still have a head gasket problem and not notice any exhuast smoke to verify a shop would either use a emmisions annilyzer to check for hydro carbons coming from the cooling system or they make a block check test kit that contains blue fluid that will change color if it picks up exhuast gases from the cooling system.
you do need to have one of these test ran before deciding it is a head or head gasket problem.
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Is that a 3.8 by any chance, taurus? That would be another indication; it's a known head gasket blower.
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Its a 3.0L
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Did you by any chance change the rad. hoses? If not you might want to start the engine and take a look at them especially the lower hose. What you are looking for is that they are not collapsed (ing) causing the issue. Rare but it does happen and is overlooked very easily. And 2 gals of coolant sounds like a bit much. More than recommended is not always better.

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