are Mazdas American cars?


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Question are Mazdas American cars?

I'm not trying to start a domestic vs. foreign thread at all, but that said, I've read some other forums and I'm confused.

Why do so many domestic-only car owners defend Mazdas, but wouldn't do the same for Volvo, Jag, Saab, or other badges owned by GM/Ford?

Only 3 of Mazda's 20 factories are the US.
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Beats me. I used to be a buy American person but with the gobal economy, I've changed - kind of. My Camry was built in Georgetown, Ky. and my Honda M/C was made in Marysville, Ohio, Both foreign badges but mostly built by U.S. labor
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The problem is that you have to start by deciding what your definition of "American Car" even is. Used to be that Fords were made in the USA and Hondas were made in Japan. Now your Ford might be made out of country and your Honda here. I've made my own definition that if the company's headquarters is in the US, it's an American car, regardless of where it was made. Company headquarters outside US but built here is still a foreign car.
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As far as automobiles goes, I base my decisions on quality & value for the money, which is why we are on our second Camry.
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If I had to classify a car as "American Made" or "Foreign Made", I'd have to start by finding out what percentage the cars PARTS where made in the US. A car _assembled_ in the US may still be a foreign made car, simply because all of its parts are made overseas. Even some of the venerable Harley-Davidson's have parts made in Japan.
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Going off at a slight tangent, you can now buy tools at Sears - Craftsman tools - that are made in China. Sacrilege.
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well then again if you're buying something made outside the US you're still helping out the american people who distribute those products right ? i.e. salesperson at sears.
Just ask the Walton family.
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Can you believe the only 2007 truck made entirely in the USA is the Toyota Tundra. I couldn't believe that when I read that.
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I work for a bearing manufacturer here in the US. Presently, I'm working on a project where a bearing is made in Brazil for sale by us to an American subsupplier for automotive application. This bearing is made of Korean forgings from Japanese steel. So tell me.... is this bearing Brazilian, Korean, Japanese, or American?.... or maybe its Swedish, since our parent company is in Sweden. And this is just one small part of a car.

What I'm trying to say is that it is just way too nebulous to reliably pin down the domestic content of any vehicle.

Dan, I believe whoever told you that is very shortsighted. I, for one, don't believe the Tundra is made entirely in the USA. Does that include the wiring, fasteners, steel, casting, etc.? It is perhaps ASSEMBLED in the US. No car is made entirely from one country. Even the Kia has 3% domestic content.

I've seen our American factories use equipment made overseas. Even those that scream "Buy American" the loudest are looking out for what's best for their wallet! So don't feel guilty about buying anything made overseas.
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Being in the Production Industry I would have to state the fact that everything is made up of parts from all over. The production plants wherever they may be located generally follow the same production procedures using the same standard parts. The only reasons factories are located in different places are economy, demand and other incentives that roll back to economy such as tariff ,taxes and ultimately labor costs. What it boils down to is the name. The name on the car and it's reputation. If it's built in the U.S.A it can state made in the U.S.A . Lean manufacturing calls for these procedures. It all falls under a system called Kaizen. If you build a better mouse trap the world will beat a path to your door. If you build a similar mousetrap and make it available at 2/3 the price you'll name your company KIA.

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