Radiator issue (truck won't start now??)


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Radiator issue (truck won't start now??)

I have a GMC box-truck (used for work). Apprx 3 months ago had the radiator replaced (with a used one).

Off to work this morning....Truck drives a little rough....then on the express way (less then 3 miles) Truck shuts down (quits) and I pull off the side of the road (luckly near an exit ramp).

Slight smoke from engine - I then pop the hood and notice the hose (bottom left side of Radiator) has come un-hooked and slipped off - I'm basically completely out of fluid -

I've since reattached the hose (put a new clamp on)....refilled with radiator fluid...yet she doesn't want to turn over now when I go to start up?...a couple rrr....rrrr...and then nothing.

How much damage could I have done here? Any advice?.....Could it just be a matter of having to let it cool off for a few hours?....before the engine is going to be cool enough to restart??


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You could have fried the engine, but before giving it the boot, try starting it with jumpers. Your battery may have decided to go about the same time as the radiator hose. If it does start, change the oil A.S.A.P. because the overheated engine probably caused the oil to partially "burn".
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Change the oil -

Thanks for the advice - I'll make sure to do that -

I plan to go back to where it is down at and try to restart it later today -

Obviously I hope I didn't burn the engine / block. I was only driving it less than 10-15 min's this morning before it crapped out -
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Im far from a fully knoledgable mechanic, but i had the same thing happen to a few cars of mine, On my lincoln it in return blew my headgasket , and i spent the next week redoing the heads. On my caddillac, i had to let it sit for awhile, it burned some oil, added more oil, then fixed the cooling leak and refilled, running it with the thermostat out. But i would suggest more oppinions.

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