Chevrolet Lumina 1994 Engine misfire/Buick Regal


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Chevrolet Lumina 1994 Engine misfire/Buick Regal


My husband owns a Lumina 1994 van, it is having engine trouble, its like it won't take gas mostly when cold or running iddle. A scan indicated misfire on cylinder #5, we changed spark plugs and wires, then the fuel pump started making noise so that was changed as was the fuel filter, this has been a problem for quite some time, is there anything else we should try?

Also, my 1998 Buick Regal LS won't start 2 out of 4 times, at first I just waited 3 minutes and then turned the key and on it went but lately it takes over 20 minutes of waiting before it will start, I have achip on my key and when this first started the service key light (or something like that) came on but not anymore, is there a way to bypass this device or do I need to have it serviced.

Thanks for any comments.
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If the chip on the key is damp or dirty, that can cause the car to go into a security lock down. If you have a spare key, try it. If not, locksmiths can cut a new key with a chip fairly cheaply. They have a device which can read the resistor (chip) so you get the right one.
Another thing you might try is to get a small can of aerosol contact cleaner from radio shack or an electrical supply house and give the inside of the lock a few good squirts. wait until it dries and then try your key. If the inside of the lock was dirty, that should put you back in business.
On newer cars the cost of a new key is really high and sometimes can only be purchased from a dealer so you are at least that lucky..

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