1998 caravan A/C sometimes stops working


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1998 caravan A/C sometimes stops working


I have a 1998 Dodge Caravan SE. My problem with the A/C is this. Sometimes the A/C does not work and sometimes it does.
Heres what I mean, when it does not work it simply does not turn on. No hot air no cool air not even a sound. And then sometimes it works just fine with very cool air. Like if nothing was wrong.

Most of the time the A/C works early in the morning but by the afternoon it stops working. Not blowing anything. This has been happening for awhile. Now the A/C blows out hot air all the time.
The entire A/C unit was replaced a couple years ago.

My question is since it is just blowing hot air, do I need to recharge the system or possibly replace it?

And, is it normal for the A/C to behave like this (working and not working) when it's low on freon?
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1 fan or two

The 2000 has two fans, one for engine cooling and a asecond for AC condensor cooling. A resent problem I had was similar. AC only works somtimes. Problem was that the AC fan was locked up, only time the AC would cool is when the engine temp increased and made the engine cooling fan come on. This alowed air to pass through the condensor. It would work somewhat driving down the road because of the 70 mph air passing throught the condensor. Could have got a junkyard fan for 75 bucks, but opted to get the new aftermarket fan for 150 bucks. AC works fin now.
If fan is ok just make sure it comes on, open hood observe it, it is the one on the pass side, turn ac on and fan should run.
If it doesn't and it does turn freely check the relay under the battery box mounted on the frame rail, although I think it controls both fans so if the enginje fan runs the relay should be good.
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basicly it is 2 different problems one is the blower motor doesnt always blow air which it should.
second is that when using the a/c it blows hot air when the blower motor is working.
suggest you have the system checked out by a shop the second problem could be due to a system being low on freon or other electrical problem.
the first problem has to be electrical related could be a blower motor, or speed control or switch problem while they could be related do to a control head problem chances are they are two seperate problems.

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