Check engine sign


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Check engine sign

I have 1994 Nissan Quest with 170,000 miles that has Check Engine Light on. It runs great . The sign stays on for weeks and then go away by itself. It is on again off again. This is happening for the last about 10 months. My emmissin test is due and I want to fix it before I go for emmission testing. Please help. Thanks
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your options are pretty slim, you can take it to the shop and pay them to tell you whats wrong or you can take the emission test and they will tell you. You will save money by taking it to for the emission test first. If it fails you can decide from the results if you can fix it yourself or take it to the shop with evidence of the problem. The re-test won't cost you anything. Have a nice day. Geo
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Have you taken the car to someplace like Autozone and had your car's OBD Codes read by their scanner? It is free and can give you some good insight as to what the problems are. Since your problem is on again/ off again, it could be something as simple as not tightening the gas cap a full 3 clicks past tight. I know that sounds impossible, but a gas cap can definitely cause the check engine light to come on. It's always better to check out the small things before you assume you've got a huge problem on your hands.

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