94 lincoln town car shutting off


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Question 94 lincoln town car shutting off

when i turn my car on sometimes it chokes out could take up to ten seconds to shut off or it will just shut off right away then it will also cut off with me driving when i let off the gas most of the people thought it was the idle air control valve i got a new one it still does it then i was told my throttle body might be glogged to clean it i did that and since i sprayed the stuff on it it seems worse i also changed a censor on my air intake not sure what its called its a little black one and the guy who told me to spray the cleaner on there said thats the only thing it could be but it still does it one time i had a cheap code reader put on it and it brought up fuel pump circuit open from pcm to battery not sure if thats it a guy was messing with my fuel injectors before that so im not sure if thats what brought it up and if that could be it what does that mean and the last time it shut off with me it reset my clock so if anybody could please help me i would appreciate it alot thanx
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You need to do some troubleshooting before I can help you. I can tell you what to do to put you where you can further investigate. I recommend not letting anyone "mess" with your vehicle unless you are absolutely sure they are competent. Code reader won't do you any good without the check engine light on. You should first inspect the ignition system. Plugs, wires, cap and rotor if applicable. Your ignition timing. It's harder to troubleshoot a vehicle that hasn't been maintained accordingly with a schedule. If yours has not you will have a bit of work to do. Purchase the Hanes manual from your local auto parts store. That will give you all the proper readings you need for your vehicle $12-$20 depending on your locale. You should also invest in a multimeter from the same store $15.00. With that you will be able to obtain your voltage readings from things like the Throttle Positioning sensor and mass air flow meter and avoid replacing an expensive part like the Idle air control valve.
The manual will also tell you how to test your egr valve for vaccum at a certain rpm and temp. I won't go into that. The manual will give you that info. If your EGR is clogged it is possible to clean it and usually preferred due to the cost of a new one. Your vehicle may also have an idle speed stabilizer. Change your fuel filter before you tackle the pump. You have to replace the filter anyway when you change the pump. There are two terminals you can jump on your diagnostic terminal under the hood to engage the fuel pump with the filter disconnected. I'm sure you're not outfitted to do a fuel pressure check. The manual will give you this information and more. Do these things and get back to me with your findings. Doing these things by yourself saves you an average of 450.oo good luck.

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