74' Datsun 260z No Spark!!!


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74' Datsun 260z No Spark!!!


I bought this 74' 260z and after 3 days of running great the
damned thing just stalls while I'm working. So I pull off the road and
jiggle some of the connections before the distributor. The beast
starts up and I start driving, about 15 minutes later it does the same
thing, so I go **** I'm gunna have to rewire the damned thing and get
out to mess about with the connections again, this time no dice I screw
with it for about 30 minutes and then out of the blue it fires up, goes
3 blocks down the road and dies. I ened up towing it home later that
night and since have replaced, the cap, rotor, plug wires, coil wire,
and the ignition coil. And spent countless hours with a multimeter
messing about. And the damned thing will not get spark. These 74's
have some bull**** ignition system, apparantly they only did it like
this this year, and the part I think may be broekn is the T I U
transistor ignition unit, which according to nissan they dont have and
is some early version of an ¿ecm? I opened up the black box that is
the TIU and the board of archaic ressistors looks fine, no blown

Anyhow what I am wondering is if anyone else has had this kind of
problem, and if so how did you fix it? Or how do you test the TIU?
According to chiltons you have to take it to a dealer, but nissan wants
nothing to do with it.

I am not getting spark at the coil, or at least the way I am doing it
(holding the distro end of the coil wire a little bit above the chassis
and having someone turn it over) any suggestions of where to look next?

The car:
74' Dasun 260z
L26 straight-6 Engine
Electronic Ignition (only because everyone says check the points)
All stock 'cept the dual side-draft weber carbs


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ignitor, ouch.
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'74 260Z, wow, that's remind me alot on those old days.

Anyway, take a look at Distributor Pick up, it's inside the Distributor, you can get to it without removing the Distributor, check for broken wire and if not, it's probably the cause of no spark. It's has been a longgggggggg time since I last worked on it.
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I'm not familiar with this vehicle. But i've had a similair problem years ago. Does it have a magnetic pick up on the flywheel to determine when to spark. (like a lawn mower engine) Just a thought, I had one come loose.

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