'95 Grand Am Power Steering Issue


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Angry '95 Grand Am Power Steering Issue

Hello all!

I have a little bit of a dilemma here that is making me pretty angry. Here goes my story...

I have a '95 Pontiac Grand Am SE with a 2.3L engine. Part of the rack & pinion cracked about two months ago and I was getting air in my system, I didn’t have the time and/or resources (tools or money) at the time to fix it, so I bought this stop leak junk and dumped it in. Obviously it didn’t work, so I parked my car until I was able to fix it.

Now a month later, when I had time and everything I needed, I bought a re-manufactured A1 Cardone rack & pinion from a local parts store. I pulled the old one out and tried to put the new one in without ruining it (man was that a B$^#$)! After getting it in place and attaching all the lines n' such, I fired up the car and bled the system to the best of my knowlage/abitlity.

Everything seemed to work okay, I noticed that the steering was a little stiffer than the old rack but I didn’t think anything of it, all I knew was that it was MUCH easier to turn than if it didn’t have any fluid or if the car was off and so forth.

So anyway I quickly found out the rack didn’t center itself at all when turning left or right. I searched the internet and found a procedure on adjusting the tension on the racks bearing, which I did, but it still wouldn’t center itself.

So here I am two months later without a working rack!

Does any one know what else I can or should do?

- To my knowledge the pump is still good or when I run the car it wouldn’t turn very easily, maybe its starting to die, I don’t know!?
- Is it possible that I clogged my system up when I put that stop leak junk in there and there isn’t enough system pressure?
- Is the re-manufactured rack I bought defective? It doesn’t seem to be...
- When I put the new rack in place, one of the lines on the rack smashed in a LITTLE, could that be it?

I'm trying to find any feasible explanation!

For the love of God help me please!!! ...LOL, I really am desperate!

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smashed lines will cause problems in any pressurized system. If you're going to do your own repairs take the time to do it right. If you don't , you end up on a forum yelling help! Stop leak is for procrastinators who don't know any better. There is no mechanic in a bottle for repairs, only preventive maintenance. As for your RandP. Pull it out , repair your line , flush the system with clean fluid under pressure and reinstall. Don't forget to bleed your system properly. When you paint a house you don't apply primer without sanding and you don't paint without primer. Stop taking shortcuts and costing yourself time and money.Besides , what good is saying you did it yourself if you can't tell your buddies the proper way to do it in the first place?

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