Anti locking brake light on


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Anti locking brake light on

I have a 1992 chevy Astro 4.3 convertion van with anti lock brakes. As i was driving today 9/15/06 I stoped bec of constuction. While i was there i notice that my anti lock light came on along with my break light. (Brake fluid holder is full) A while back, not sure what time it was, maybe 2-3 months ago i changed the front rotors.
Was i suppse to adjust the sensor before i put the rotor on?
If this is not it than what is?

Help, Anyone
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You are not suppoed to touch that sensor. Most likely, and this is a common occurance, the ABS sensor near your wheels gets damaged which requires replacement and maybe a computer reset. You should be able to bring to Autozone or whereever and see if they can get any codes off of the computer.
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Probably a bad ABS sensor

Unfortunately, there are myriad sensors, etc... that will cause this trouble light condition. If you've checked the obvious (like the fluid levels), I'd start by testing to see if the abs are actually working by spiking the brakes in a turn (obviously in a deserted parking lot). I'm not familiar with the nuances of this vehicle, but I suspect you'll have to replace a few sensors before you hit the exact correct one. Good luck!
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i have fixed this prob. simple by clearing the code in the computer.

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