EGR Code - Mercedes Benz C280


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EGR Code - Mercedes Benz C280

Recently the 'check engine' light came on on my 96 c280 (140k milkes)... I brought it to Advanced Auto and they said the code was an EGR flow condition. Does anyone know the liklihood of it actually being the EGR Valve, and the location of the EGR (and possibly degree of difficulty in replacing it myself) for this vehicle?

Also, if I replace the EGR And it turns out not to be the culprit, what else might cause this code?

Thanks for the help. Cheers!
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This is a common problem on these vehicles. It is typically caused by blockage of the egr tube. Usually the blockage is within the first few inches of where it connects to the lower intake manifold.
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It's easy to access and work on yourself. You should invest in the Hanes manual for your vehicle which you can pick up at advance. The manual will go through the entire procedure for all the Do it yourself work you could ever want to do to your vehicle. It will also provide you with info on what you'll need to do the job. EGR valves can be expensive. You may want to try cleaning it first. After you pull the valve and the tubing be careful not bend the tubing. when you reinstall use a new gasket. Locate the tube on the lower end and hand tighten a few threads, slip the valve in place and leave it loose, connect the top portion of the tube and tighten it a few threads, go back to the bottom and tighten , back to the top and tighten and finally, tighten the EGR valve . Remember to label any hoses before disconnecting and it never hurts to keep a digital camera handy. Oh, clean out the tubing with carb cleaner. You can look up how to clean your EGR valve online so I won't go into that here.

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