2000 Voyager recommended fixes?


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2000 Voyager recommended fixes?

I have a 2000 Plymouth Voyager, 3.0, V6, 105k miles. I am going to replace the timing belt soon and would like to know what else should I replace at the same time? I will replace the other belts, but what about the water pump? Or the tensioner? I've heard that on some vehicles you should do those repairs at the same time, but what about my vehicle? what else should I do? At this point, everything would be preventative, as I have no problems with anything in the timing belt area.


One final question, I'd like to drain and re-fill the auto trans just as a preventative measure without the trouble of pulling off the pan (I dropped the tranny pan and replaced the filter last year, tranny not giving any problems). I was thinking of sliding a small hose down the tranny dipstick tube and suction the fluid out and then re-fill. Will this work? Is there a better solution? Will a hose "melt" when contacting the tranny fluid? Will is get stuck on something in the tube? I want to do this because I've heard of trouble with these transmissions and want to do whatever I can to avaid trouble - especially if I can do it cheap and easily.
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I would do the water pump and belts. Unless the tensioner is stiff or squealing due to a dry bearing, I would not change it.
Since you just changed tranny fluid last year, I would leave it alone. Check the fluid. If it is still pink and doesn't have a burned odor, you should be good.
Just F.Y.I. the wife's '99 Voyager had it's tranny die at 28,000 miles. That was with almost all short trips and a couple of 800 mile road trips. Sounds like you have a winner.
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I agree with changing the water pump same time as the timing belt. Water pumps are wear items that eventually need to be replaced. Plus, the labor overlap is too great to ignore the water pump when you've already spent the trouble to get to the timing belt.

At a calculated 20K since the last trans fluid change, it may still be too early to change the fluid. But when you do change the fluid, instead of just changing what is in the pan and diluting the new fluid with old, learn to do the cooler line method of exchanging ALL the fluid. Use the proper fluid -- either ATF+3 or ATF+4, I'm not sure. But don't use Dexron.

At this point in the vehicle's life, there's no great need to change the trans filter with every fluid change.

You may want to hook up with the guys at Allpar.com for more experienced advice on Chrysler product.

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