My 1999 Chevy S10 overheated & died


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Red face My 1999 Chevy S10 overheated & died

My 1999 Chevy S10 started to overheat about 2-3 weeks ago and I told my then husband about it. Of course when he checked it, it didn't overheat. He said maybe it was the thermostat or the water pump, but didn't look further into it. Last week the car was loosing power and he said I had to put Fuel Injection Cleaner in the gas and that should improve it. It wasn't great but it helped out a little. Last Thursday, it started overheating again and making these squeaking noises when I pressed on the accelarator. So I pulled over. I was able to pull over into a gas station. After letting the car cool down a bit and with a help of a friendly bystander we opened up the radiator to find it dry as a bone. He put water in the radiator and finally the car's temp gage cooled enough. I was able to get the car started and I was planning on driving it the 10 miles left for home. He said he would follow. But when I turned the engine back on he noticed a hose had come loose and water poured out of the car and the car wouldn't turn on again. Neededless to say, I had to leave the car there and had my son pick me up. The next day I had my brother-in-law drive me over to get the car, we had to put more water in it and attempted to drive it home...without success, it overheated again and stopped functioning alltogether. My brother-in-law ended up pushing my car the rest of the way home with it in neutral. That's how we got it to a repair shop,too. Now they are saying it probably blew a gasket and the oil could have mixed with the gas an so forth.
The guy says to completely take it down he's going to need $400 and then they have to take the ?engine head? to get it check to see if it doesn't need to be "overhauled" and then check all the hoses and such...he gave me a round-about estimate of $800 to $1500 the first time we talked and then narrowed it down a bit to $1200. He can't guarantee that the car won't have anymore problems. And I'm not sure it's worth the trouble since now it's just me and my 2 kids (12 & 14) and we don't fit that great in it anyways. So after my long-hauled story, my questions really are...1)should I fix it and then try to resell it? 2)would anyone buy it from me in this condition?(I already talked to CarMax and they might not even be able to give me more than $250 for it. And I'd still have to tow it to them to check it out. (I like in Lakeland, FL and the CarMax if in Tampa)And forget about my so-called husband...he said when he left for Georgia the Thursday I was having the problem that with the money I'm not paying his truck anymore I could take it to the mechanic and get it fixed. Anyone have any bright ideas?
I'd really appreciate them!!!!!
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If it is the 4 cylinder 2.2 aluminum head, it is cracked, going to cost some to get that going. If no water in the oil just fix the head. Just have to drain the oil to see if it mixed, no too sure about that shop.

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