does your car start up first thing in the morning at 2000 rpm, idle speed


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Angry does your car start up first thing in the morning at 2000 rpm, idle speed

I just got back from a mechnic, who said i have a vacume leak some where, but couldn't find where. I was with him when he sprayed starter fluid around the running enging, but it didn't change the idle speed. The idle gos down when you drive it some,
but 1200 is still to high. About 6 mts. ago i took the car in for another trouble, they changed the oxygen sensor and the crankshaft position sensor that fixed the trouble, but before i left
he said the car idled at 2 grand, i didn't think much of it then, but
6 mts. later it still idles high. Thing is, for 1 mouth it idled normal?
The mechnic said i should take it to a dealer because they can run
a smoke test or something and find the leak. My ideas which don't
mean *hit, is it possiable for the first guy to turn the idle screw to
raise the idle (if it even has one) it's a 94, 3.1 v6 pontian grand am
After 6 mts. i'm thinking of just liveing with it.
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First, a suggestion for the future. Post the make, model, and engine info at the start of your post.

There is no idle screw. Check for throttle linkage binding first, then the throttle position senor for sticking or binding. If you haven't replaced the PCV valve in the last 20,000 miles, replace it. Then, if it is still idling fast, the EGR valve may need service or replacement and or the computer could be bad.

Before you throw money into a bunch of high priced parts, change the PCV valve. Then if it still idles fast, take it to another mechanic or to a dealership who has the diagnostic equipment to pin down the problem.
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I agree with goldstar but have a couple more places to look.

Pontiac likes to use plastic vacuum lines. These are great when new but tend to crack (always in places you can't see. I think they designed them that way) Feel for cracks with you hands. Some of them go under covers and to places that are hard to see so it is difficult to check the entire line.

On the ends of those lines there are rubber adapters that connect the lines to a nipple or sometimes to "T" three lines together. Those rubber pieces get spongy and don;t seal sometimes.

I have also had occasion where the idle air solenoid would not control the idle as well.

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