rt fender on 95 Geo Prism


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rt fender on 95 Geo Prism

I have a '95 Geo Prism Lsi with 180+ K miles on it. Earlier this year I was involved in a collision with another vehicle that basically did nothing more that cosmetic damage (The only thing mechanically needed was an alignment) The damage was to the front right fender and light. The other driver's insurance totaled it and wrote me the check. I've been driving it for the past few months with some tape and zip ties holding the light together.

Not wanting to spend the money on labor on such an old car, I've been recently checking out salvage yards online and getting quotes. I could get a salvaged light for $18, and was quoted a salvaged fender for $50, even the same color. The light I'm comfortable with, but what is involved in replacing a fender? Keep in mind this does not have to look perfect, I'm just thinking anything is better than the patch job I'm driving around with. I'm of course looking to replace it myself.

And are online salvage yards the way to go?

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I don't know about the on-line salvage yards; I suppose they are as trustworthy as any other on-line business.

The r&r on a fender is really pretty easy. Just a matter of finding and removing a bunch of attaching bolts under the hood, in the wheel wells, and often (sometimes overlooked) in the door hinge area.

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