89 Ford F150 4.9l 6cyl 5spd


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89 Ford F150 4.9l 6cyl 5spd

I am thinking of buying this pickup it has 89000 mi dealer wants $1300. Is there anything I should check for, I am not concerned about the obvious things like clutch, brakes, suspension, etc. its the things like their history for cracked heads, pistons the big ticket items. All I have been able to find is they are a good truck that gets poor gas mileage. Thanks and have a nice day. Geo
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That drivetrain has been around for almost 40 years
It's an engine with great torque (what trucks need is torque not horsepower) and all the bugs were worked out decades ago
@ 89K it's just broken in (well, OK, well broken in now...lol)

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