92 Geo Prism Overheating...


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92 Geo Prism Overheating...

My girlfriend and I have a 92 Geo Prism, that is overheating in stop and go traffic. Though, when I'm moving it doesn't overheat at all. I noticed that the fan in front of the engine doesn't turn on at all, no matter how hot it gets. It also rattles when going uphill and I don't know if that has anything to do with this particular problem. I know I need a tune up also. I'm wondering if the tune up will fix the overheating issue. How do I know when/if the fan in front of the engine should turn on? If it's related to the fan is there something I can do (I'm obviously not a mechanic, but we're both in college and money is tight) to fix the problem by myself.

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A tune up will not end your overheating issue. That fan definetly should turn on if you are overheating. You can check if it turns on my turning on the A/C. The fans should turn on. If not, check your fuses for the radiator fan. If not blown, go to a junk yard and get a new one (radiator). Driving an overheated motor can cause SERIOUS damage. If the fan is turning on, then it can be a number of things. The thermostat which is a cheap and easy fix, a clogged radiator line, bad water pump, cracked motor. Check the fan first.
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I don't let it overheat to the point that the car goes into the red... I drive it with the heat turned on and if the heat meter climbs above 75-80 percent I pull over and wait 30ish mins till it calms down...
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What you should do is run 2 wires from the battery to the fan to make sure it's working. If not get a different fan, if it does work run one of the wires into the cabin and put a switch inline so that you can turn the fan on and off at will. Make sure you remember to turn it off when you shut off the car as it will drain your battery.

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