Tie-rod ends and Strut on Camry 98


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Tie-rod ends and Strut on Camry 98

The shop told me 'tie-rod ends' needed to be done after a completion of Brake job, pads and rotor as seeing only one-side wear on the driver's side tire which is mid-range wear. It costs about $200.00 along with front tires, ... four tires if possible.

Also, down the road, Strut also has to be done, ... around spring-time. However, this costs about $600.00 at least.

However, my family member is somehow hesitant to get those, two jobs done, not because of only its cost but also seeing not in terrible shape. He told me that he does not feel any vibration nor bumping on his highway driving. Only tierod-ends, he is agreeable to fix.

Wonder when Tierod and Strut job should be done.

Thanks for your help in advance.
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Tie rods go bad after some time, and they are real easy to pull out and install. You will tell if you have bad tie rods if you jack the fornt end of the car up so the tires are off the ground, and grab the tire at the 9 & 3 oclock position and see how much they move. If they are pretty stiff, and you are not have any vibrations, etc while driving, you don't need tie rods. Struts on the other hand are easy to tell if they are bad, car feels like it's bouncing all over the round.
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How many miles on the beast? My wife's '95 Camry had 175,000 miles on it when we sold it, still had all original suspension parts, and drove like brand new.
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Thanks for the responses. I really appreciate both of you.

The mileage is about 140,000 miles due to a long, high-way drive to work.

Those problems started ONLY after a warranty from the CarMax run out. Then, it's quite expensive for him to fix.

The tie-rod ends might have deteriorated as seeing one-side wear of driver's side. Also, a $200.00 is not bad, for the sake of his peace-of-mind. He often needs to drive close to 70 miles due to high-way-drive in this, metropolitan area.

On the otherhand, he is very grateful to know that Strut is definitely NO-need to fix at all.

Thanks for your very helpful and knowgeable responses on this regard.

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