87 ford ranger 2.9 stalls


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87 ford ranger 2.9 stalls

87 ranger has new computer, ox sensor, ignition module, plugs and wires, coil, coolant temp sensor, starts and runs fine for 5 minutes, then runs rough and stalls for about 2 minutes, then runs fine again. will run ok at wide open throttle during the rough time
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2.9 stalling


Rent, borrow, or buy a fuel pressure tester. It comes with instructions. Test the rail pressure when it's acting up. Should be around 40 lbs. If you can't get that, look at the pressure regulator , fuel pump, or fuel filter. If your truck is an extended cab it may have two fuel pumps - one inframe(high pressure) under the driver seat and the other(lift pump) in the tank.

The filter should be between the high pressure pump and the tank. It looks like a black plastic cannister.

Hope this helps,

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First thing:
See if there's any trouble codes on that new computer yet


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