1999 Ford ZX2 "Cool" - Brake light stays on


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1999 Ford ZX2 "Cool" - Brake light stays on

Hello! I have a 1999 Ford ZX2 "cool" and the brake lights stay on after the car is turned off. If I pull the brake up, I hear a click and the brakes go off. If I let it go, the lights come back on. Right now, I have a box holding up the brake while it's not in use, but I would like to fix it, if possible.

-- Jaxon
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I had that problem on a car way back in the seventies. There is a switch that the brake pedal engages when you push the pedal. Probably the switch is worn and needs to be replaced. As I recall it was a fairly simple job except for the awkwardness of working in the pedal area.

It could also be just a simple matter of adjusting the tension of the brake pedal return spring.

Check a repair manual and find a detail of the brake pedal area. If you don't have a good repair manual, sometimes they are available at the library.

Edit: I was looking up something at Autozone and saw they have repair guides online! Here's a link to your brake light repair:


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