No heat in 96 Ford Tarus


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No heat in 96 Ford Tarus

We just bought a used 96 Tarus. It appears to have had the recall on freeze plugs and bypass hose. The system is pretty clean. but I have no heat. I removed the upper hose to the heater core and lower and flushed with water. a good bit of rusty water came out then it ran clear. so heater core is not clogged. Car does not run hot so I assume the water pump is working. Also after running awhile the overflow/filler for the radiator is full of hot fluid so the thermostat must be working. Is there a way to blead the heater core? could it have an air lock? can someone be specific as to which control on the heater/air box controls the door to let air pass over the heater core?

and lastly have I missed something? any other ideas?

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I would check the hoses going to and from the heater core to see if they get hot.
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Bypass hot, both heater inlet and out cool

untill after engine off then hot. Hopefully you are familiar with the Tarus system but there is a bypass hose connecting both inlet and outlet.

It's hard to explain without a picture but because of the way I flushed it and checked water flow I know everything is clear. I guess that means airlock? If so how do I get the air out?
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first verfy fluid level is correct in both rad. and overflow bottle.

Idle the car w/ ac and heat off. Unless you are in extreme cold and wind, the car should be as hot as it will get in 30 minutes.

While it is heating up, monitor upper radiator hose. It should stay cold with only slight or no warming as the system is pressurizing (hose gets hard). The t-stat should open suddenly and a rush of hot water will make the hose heat quickly. After another 5 minutes and before the cooling fan comes on the upper and lower hoses radiator hoses should get to about the same temp.

If your results are not as above, suspect a stuck open t-stat. How is your gas mileage?

If the upper hose does not get hard, pressure test the system and cap.

If everything is normal and your temp gage is normal turn on the heat. If both heater hoses are hot and the fan works, suspect a mix door problem.

Forget the air it will work itself out unless you have after market heater core mounted very high in the car. The water pump does not produce much head, but it can push air out of the stock system. Air is a problem on cars if the head water passages are higher than the radiator filler neck and overflow hose where air will gather. Look for a bleeder near t-stat outlet. If air anything is blocking your heater core both hoses will not get hot. Think in and out.

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