Brakes Dragging


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Brakes Dragging

I have a 1989 Mitz Montero 3.0, I installed new brake pads, front (the first time I ever did it) and now the brakes drag (bad)while braking and make a very bad noise. I'm not currently driving it for obvious reasons. What did I do wrong? I changed pads because I would practically have to lay on the brakes to get them to work, and the vehicle would dive to the left when braking. However when I took them off they weren't that worn, but one of the front brake pads was worn more than the others (about 1/4 in less). What can I do? When I loosen the bolt that holds the caliper to the mount (carrier?) the wheels spins more freely. There are washers that are on those two bolts also, could it have something to do with those, perhaps not put in the right spot? The pass. side seems to be ok. Please help!
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Bleed your brakes!!!! Check your fluid level as well to make sure you ain't leaking anything. If you installed your pads correctly, you should just bleed them. Air in the system will/could make one side brake harder then the other, along with some sloppy brake pedal feel. If you do this, and still have an issue, you might have a bad brake caliper.
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Also, when new pads are installed, the rotor should NOT spin freely. It should spin about 1/2 - 1 full turn. And DEFINETLY don't keep ANY of your brake bolts "loose".
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I would check the flexible brake lines....sometimes they can collapse internally and won't allow the caliper piston to retract...acts like the brakes are applied all the time. If the lines are ok then you may have a caliper issue....frozen, etc.
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I had this exact same issue on my '91 Lumina sedan with rear disc. Put the brakes and new rotors on, brakes would drag horribly. Furthur inspection uncovered that the caliper slides, hadn't been greased in some time, and where siezed up, not allowing the caliper to move back and forth. Bought new slides, problem solved.

Another possible issue would be that you have a bad caliper, it happens more times than people think. Since you said that you have run pad worn more than the others, I would say it is one of these two issues.

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