02 Buick Century still running hot

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02 Buick Century still running hot

Thanks to all for your advise! I previously wrote re car overheating and losing coolant that was not showing up on the ground.
Mechanic originally flushed radiator and replaced some part. Still didn't fix the problem. Returned to mechanic, replaced head gasket.
Still the temp gauge goes past the 1/2 way mark. Took it back again. They can find nothing wrong. Replaced the compartment filter as they thought maybe engine odor was just coming into car but nothing was wrong.

They also checked GM and the temp range is correct for the vehicle. WHY IS THE CAR STILL SHOWING TEMP GAUGE PAST 1/2 WAY MARK and WHY does it still smell hot?
What else could this be? I'm hoping the repair people I've used for years aren't just leading me around in circles. I've got extended warranty on the car which has covered everthing (except my $100 deductible)...but that alone is ripping my budget apart.

Any suggestions as to what else to check? The a/c works, the heat works. It just still smells like hot coolant and the temp gauge is high.

Thank you SOOOOOOOO much!
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This doesn't answer your question, but I think I would try to find a better garage [provided your warranty covers it]. Why would a mechanic flush the radiator and replace "a" part (likely either the thermostat if it was a quick job, or the water pump if it took longer) if the engine had a blown head gasket? Checking THAT should have been near the top of the troubleshooting list before they did the cooling system work. If they didn't replace the temp sending unit, that's a possibility, too, although you report a "hot" smell. If it's that obvious (and, forgive me, but your mind might be thinking "hot" when you look at the gauge) it should be obvious to the mechanics as well.
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I agree with the_tow_guy. Why did they change the head gasket? Was there antifreeze in the oil? I would look at the water pump for sure. If it is going out, it "might" not leak and cause your temp to be up.
Regarding that you can smell that your car is "hot". Antifreeze is a VERY VERY strong odor, it only takes a few drops on the motor or manifold to make it stink. I can smell that on my vehicle even though I have no leaks, no overheating, no issues at all. Oh well, good luck;

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