'01' Ford F-150 EGR Valve


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'01' Ford F-150 EGR Valve

I have a 4.6 liter in 2001 for f-150. My check engine light has started coming on for some time and I scanned it and it said EGR valve was bad, so I replaced it, twice. The light is stilll coming on saying that the EGR has excessive air flow. What else can it be, I know it is not the EGR and the vacuum seems to be sucking just fine.
Thanks, Rick
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You'll want to post up the exact code
There are a few EGR codes, and many don't mean the EGR valve itself is bad
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OK .........Ford EGR............Does the truck idle smoothly????........reroute a vacuum source from, let's say, the heater control........something with vacuum at idle, and take it to the EGR........at idle........... This SHOULD make the truck either stall or run REALLY bad. Thayt tells you, the EGR valve WORKS and the ports it controls are clear. If the truck DOESN"T stall, you'll need to remove the EGR and mine the carbon that has built up in the porting system.
Assuming the truck DOES stall..........your best bet would be a DPFE sensor.........the sensor that measures vacuum change when the valve opens .........
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EGR problem

DPFE sensor! Delta Pressure Feedback EGR sensor.
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I have seen maybe 50 bad DPFE sensors for every one bad EGR valve, lol
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Thanks everyone, It was the DPFE. Truck is running great now, but had to fork $1000 for ball joints.
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Gotta love that road salt damage!

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