97 jeep grand cherokee dies


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97 jeep grand cherokee dies

intermittant problem here, or it was, now it doesnt start at all.
it WAS runing fine, and only had problems every few days, or even weeks.
then it became more often.

sometimes it would start for a few seconds, then stop again. it kills qiock, sonding to me like it looses fuel.
when it runs, it seems to run well.

when i first started having problems i changed the battery and connectors (batt WAS bad)
now i have plenty of juice to start it, but it just keeps turning over.

things i checked are...
there is a disconnect under the car, i unhooked it, and when the key is turned on, there is a quick burst of fuel, then it stops.
when i try to start it, it seems to spit out fuel pretty well.

there is also a petcock (similar to how you fill tires), i pushed that in, and there seems to be pressure for a sec anyway.

im not sure if the momentary pressure when i turn on the key is normal, i am guessing it is.
while i was piddling around i cleaned the spark plugs and distributor cap+rotor

i dont see where the fuel filter is, under the car, i can follow the fuel line back to the top of the tank, but cant get my hand where it connects to the tank.
is the filter there ?

I also cant find the fuse box ?
i found the one under the hood, everythings OK with that, and even swapped all the relays
(they were all the same part #)

just checked it again.
if i let it sit a bit, i can start it, it will run a few secs, then die hard.
(even with the engine revved up a bit)
now, sometimes when starting, it sounds like its choking.

any ideas appreciated...
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did you check for spark ?
seems you got fuel, yes, its normal to build fuel pressure at ign. on. check for the error codes,
i`m already guessing it`s a famous chrysler sensor gone stupid.
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I'd try an "auto shutdown " relay............because it's the source of power for the ECM...........and it's cheap. If that doesn't do it for you, sounds like "brain damage" (ECM) I've seen this before........Starts and dies , just like the old Chrysler products when the ballast resistor went bad
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Do you have any spark? Is this a straight 6 4.0? I had a similair issue with a early 90's jeep. It was a loose crank sensor. It tells the position of the fly wheel which controls your spark. Mine was located top drive side of the bellhousing. Just a thought Good luck

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