Hot start problems '94 SUV


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Hot start problems '94 SUV

I have a '94 Hyundai Galloper SUV with a turbo charged diesel engine. Recently it has started giving me a bit of trouble. When it is cold it starts fine,and if you drive it close around home it does too. But once you go around say 8+ miles at highway speed and then stop and turn it off to gas up for example it won't start. The engine turns over,but sounds really sluggish,as tho it doesn't get enough current or then the motor is extremely stiff. I doubt the latter tho. If you push start it it will start right up immediately. I was told it might be a sensor that is shot but I couldn't find anything in the area. I thot of bad starter cables that kick when the heat up but I don't know. Anyone out there have an idea? It was overhauled maybe 4000 miles ago.
Oh,and it had a new battery put in a bit ago and the alternator was also fixed.
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SUV starting problems


Bad starter, starter cables, starter solenoid, or starter circuit connections. Doubt if a sensor has anything to do with it since it will start off a push.

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I'm not a mechanic, but have done my own vehicle maintenance during the past 30 years. Based on this, and your description of the problem, I suspect a starter motor problem.

Assuming you don't know how to test it (because I don't), I'd suggest you phone your local dealer's repair shop (or a local auto electrical shop) and find out what they charge to just test the starter motor. These folks will be able to tell you what the problem is.
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Thanks,my dad just took it down to the best starter guy in thew area,he also thot is was the starter.

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