Brake Repair Cost

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Question Brake Repair Cost

I am thinking of buying a neighbor's car. I know he is telling me everything he knows about the car. It's a 1997 Geo Prizm with 78000. He says it is a Toyota Corolla undere a Chevrolet name. Seems to have a good record. I am hesitating because he says it needs brake repairs.

How much should I figure it will cost me to have replaced
1. front brakes: pads and rotors
2. rear brakes: pads and shoes

Any help is welcome.
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If you go to a national-chain repair shop, they will take every dime you have. They will repack your bearings, sell you rebuilt calipers, wheel cyls., shoes, pads rotors and rubber brake hoses.

This is a do-it yourself forum and if you do it yourself you will likely find you only need front brake pads which will set you back $15 and take an hour.

Front and rear never wear out at the same time. If you have shoes in back at 78,000 they are still good unless the parking brake has been on for all of those miles.
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There is no such thing as a simple brake job at a shop. I guarantee you, that they will try and tell you rotors are shot. It's always something.
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if pads are required be sure to macke sure the calipers and sliders are all moving freely - otherwise you may be replacing your new pads sooner than you'd like again, also you may want to consider bringing your rotors in somewhere to get machined - or you may notice a pulsation and there's always the safety issue if they are too thin...

brakes are a do it yourself thing if you know what you are is a safety factor...if you're not sure then ask around to find a good shop...not all guys are out there to rip you off!

good luck
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Consider spending a little money to find out for sure what you can expect. If you're willing to, phone several auto repair places and/or dealers to find out who performs a "before buying" inspection, and what they charge. Assuming you find someone with a price you are comfortable with, ask your neighbor to let you take the car there.

This is kind of like buying a used house. Before you buy a used house you need an inspection by a qualified inspector to limit your risk.
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I agree with everyone to be careful who you select to do your brake work. A national company has an ad on tv right now about a $49 per axle brake job....BUT, there is also a disclosure that states "there may be significant extra charges involved". There's no reason you couldn't do your brake job yourself if you take your time and have a good manual close by. Most national chains will tell you thay have to replace certain parts, I.E. caliper pins, etc but the replacement is normally just to make more money. The caliper pins you may pay $8 for at your local parts store will run about $40 at the chains. My daughter had a front brake job done on her Camaro while I was traveling (wish she had said something about her plans before going ahead with it)....this car had 56k on it. She paid a little over $800 for a FRONT brake job at the chain. I "visited" the place and asked to see the parts....easily another 10k or 20k left on the pads AND they replaced EVERYTHING. Managed to get her a $150 refund but, IMO, not near enough!
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In the past, we paid little more than $900 for brake-job right after having purchased an used car. However, this was NOT an end as recalling there were more defective parts needed to be fixed/replaced. Practically, we purchased a 'lemon' from a college professor who sounded honest and reliable.

Then, in my experience, when an owner saying 'brake job needes to be done,'.... you need to be extra cautious. Because, it might be other parts might have deteriorated.

In regard to 'brake-job,' ... it cost about $330 for pads for front brakes and one rotor for a passeger side. This included 'cleaning rear brakes,' that I felt a very reasonable price.

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