starter clicks


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starter clicks

My starter solenoid clicks several times before it engages the starter motor and turns the engine over. The past few mornings it acts as thought the battery is weak and won't even click. If I keep turning the ign. key it will finally be back to it's normal click, click start mode. How can I test to find out if the solenoid contacts are bad? Can I jumper around the contacts to see if the starter motor will run?


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If your starter solenoid is external, just replace it. If not, take a hammer and tap the starter as you try and start the motor. If it starts easier when tapping it, it's time to replace the starter. Also, make sure you have a fully charged battery. Take a multimeter ($20 at Autozone) and without any accessories on, i.e. radio, a/c, lights, etc, you should have around 13-13.5vDC. With accessories on, battery should not fall below 12-12.5vDC.
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Check all battery cable connections for corrosion as well.

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